Feel's like I'm getting older, I'm not afraid

allthought I'm worlds apart from yesterday

and yet I can't believe, I'm old enough today

to be in love,and feel in loveand see if love is the way

I don't need fancy places, to spend the time

I'm happy just to be here, with you tonight

and yet I'm not so sure, the time it's really right

to be in love, and feel in love and see if love is all right

And you will sing

as long as there's a song

the feelings never gone

it was the first time to be in love.

Maybe tomorrow, i'll never sing again

but i'll remember when

it was the first time to be in love.

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suncitizen είπε...

Ευλογημένε Ναϊτα
όσο γερνάς τόσο μπορείς ευκολότερα να γίνει πιο πνευματικός.


ο πάσης blogoσφαιρας

Σμέμνιος Ναΐτης είπε...

Και εγώ νόμιζα πως είσαι ο Ο.Λ.Κ.Ε..

Υ.Γ. Μακάρι να κάνουν τον Σεραφείμ απο Άγιο Πειραιώς Άγιο Ο.Λ.Κ.Ε. θα μείνει ο καιμένος απο εγγεφαλικό.